International Institute of Technology and Applications

History of School

International Institute of Technology & Application (IITA) was established as International Information Technology & Application in 2004. The institution was conceived as first International Institute of Technology & Application.  Its mission is to pioneer service learning and build leaders who will be prepared to tackle societal concerns. Located in Marietta, State of Georgia, the Institute is a world-class career-oriented institution designed to be an agent of change in the development and application of technology. IITA has a strong commitment to providing the skills and the leadership essential to solving global critical social and economic problems through the use of and management of technology application. 

In ten years, IITA is fast becoming a model for other institutes of technology. 

At IITA students are provided with the tools to achieve personal growth and material success. IITA is a completely wireless Institute, and it is highly focused on IT. Computers, the internet and other critical IT facilities are key tools in teaching. These facilities are used for completion of course assignments. With great emphasis on small classes, IITA’s main goal is to graduate well-educated and qualified students in both general knowledge and specialized disciplines.

IITA offers a complete academic and professional string of programs to fit the rapidly changing workforce and workforce environment. 

IITA has a sprinkle of international students from around the world ranging from UK, USA, Latin America, Africa, and Australia. 


As IITA aspires to the highest standards; IITA strives to comply with national and industry standards.

IITA staff and faculty participate in ongoing dialogues, workshops and seminars here in the US and on the international circuit — to ensure that IITA remains at the cutting edge of quality assurance standards while adhering to all laws, rules and regulations of both the Federal and State of Georgia.